Jennings Sneck Lifter

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A dark beer with a reddish tinge, derived from the use of coloured malts, perfectly balanced with specially-formulated brewing sugars and English aromatic hops.

A strong satisfying ale, wonderfully warming and full of complex flavours which create an intriguing beer of great character.

First introduced in 1990 as a winter warmer, and has become a firm favourite in the portfolio.

Award-winning beer, recently receiving a bronze at the Brewry Industry International Awards held in Munich.

What's in a name?

In northern dialect 'sneck' means door latch, and the 'sneck lifter' was a man's last sixpence which enabled him to lift the latch of a pub door and buy himself a pint, hoping to meet friends there who might treat him to one or two more.

Tasting notes

A very individual style of beer - that has a fullness of flavour created by the chocolate and amber malt. A rich full-bodied ale with a good mouth feel. Easy to drink, but beware at 5.1% ABV.

Sizes available

  • 9 gallon casks (40.9 litres)
  • Also available in 500ml bottle

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